Here's What You Need When Outsourcing Box Build Assembly

June 18, 2019 | Russell Poppe, JJS Manufacturing

Box build, or top-level assembly, can be less well-defined. A box build can mean many things—from a PCBA in a small enclosure to a large cabinet full of wires or a complex fully integrated electromechanical system with electronics and pneumatics. Here's what you will need to consider to get an accurate quote and help the build process go smoothly with your EMS partner.

SMT Solver: Benchmarking Defect Levels in Your Products

June 17, 2019 | Ray Prasad, Ray Prasad Consulting

In this column, Ray Prasad discusses why zero defects may be a desirable goal but not a realistic one. He also shares some industry data as proof, which you can also use to benchmark defect levels in your products. Finally, he also addresses the choices when selecting components that have a big impact on the level of defects you should expect.



In one of the highlights of IPC’s work every year, top executives from electronics companies from across the U.S. came together in Washington, D.C., recently to call for policies that will drive the electronics industry’s...

Punching Out! Delegate and You Shall Be Set Free

May 29, 2019 | Tom Kastner, GP Ventures, Ltd.

It is good for owners/CEOs to step back a few times a year and think about what they do well, what they like to do, and what others can do better. Delegating simple tasks, like sweeping floors, is easy, but delegating sales management...

Process Validation Can Lead to Higher Performance Levels

May 21, 2019 | Alfred Macha, AMT Partners

In this first column from Alfred Macha, which appears in the May issue of SMT007 Magazine, the author provides a practical guideline on how to effectively implement a sustainable process validation program for contract...

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